Wireless Systems Design

  • Land Mobile Radio systems from analog to P25 Phase II digital.
  • Wireless broadband systems from UHF through millimeter wave.
  • Specialty radio systems, including SCADA, mesh, IoT, AMI, DA and microwave.
  • Cellular systems from 2G through 5G
  • EDX SignalPro®

Wireless Engineering Training

We provide training on how to use wireless planning software to perform all types of wireless designs including:

  • EDX SignalPro®
  • Area Coverage Systems including LMR/PMR, Wireless Broadband and Cellular
  • Multipoint System design including Wireless Broadband, SCADA and DA
  • Fixed Microwave Systems
  • Mesh networks
Steve Webster

Steve Webster

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Steve Webster has over 30 years of experience in RF Systems Engineering. Steve specializes in wireless network planning and technology. Steve has worked for AT&T, Sprint/Nextel, American Tower, Lucent Technologies, EDX and LCC as well as for a number of wireless start-up companies. Steve was involved in the design engineering of one of the earliest digital wireless networks (D2 Germany), one of the first dual-band wireless systems (FarEasTone, Taiwan) and reverse-engineered the LTE physical layer specification for modeling in software. In the past 20 years, Steve has also assembled and taught many courses and seminars on wireless technology. Before starting in the wireless industry in 1990, Steve worked as an engineering consultant to the DOD working on software simulations of radio networks and the design of communications electronic warfare systems.

Steve holds a BSEE from Clarkson University and an MSEE from Johns Hopkins University.

Steve is skilled in the following areas: RF Propagation, RF System design, Wireless System design, implementation and operation, Antenna design, Wireless technologies, including LTE, IEEE 802.16 (WiMAX), OFDM, UMTS, CDMA, GSM, LMR/P-25 and various broadcasting and military wireless standards and technologies. Steve is also skilled in DAS (Distributed Antenna System) technology and microwave systems.

Steve is fluent in English and has some proficiency in both French and German.
Wireless Expertise Consulting was formed in January 2018 and has completed a successful first year of providing RF design and engineering consulting services for utility, energy and government clients throughout the US and internationally. Wireless Expertise has completed the following projects in 2018: Fixed WiMAX design to provide fixed wireless connectivity to pole-mounted DA targets, microwave link design with and without passive repeaters, LMR P25 phase I and II, NXDN, DMR and analog RF design and analysis, training on RF engineering processes and procedures as well as how to setup and use EDX SignalPro™.